Please watch our videos and spread awareness about HUMA.

Together, we can help people pull their head out of their @ss. 

Be sure to check out our Treatment Options for REAL solutions to your HUMA. 

HUMA Commercial - What is HUMA?

HUMA Commercial 2 - Are you paying attention?

HUMA Commercial 3 - Have you ever walked into something or held up traffic because your head was in your phone?

Watch the full PSA. Are you suffering from HUMA? We are here to help.

Special Appreciation:

Gary Austin, thank you for bringing together this great group of actors, and for your consistent love, support and inspiration to create new projects. He is our teacher, and the founder and original director of The Groundling Theatre. Gary is a master of improvisation.   

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Jennifer Doran, thank you for bringing our HUMA logo and Certified stamp to life. Jen offers 15 years of creative design and marketing experience, and a unique blend of strategy, and vision transforming brands into market leaders.

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